Sheffield Platform: programme

21 October, 2006


Please click on the link above for the updated programme which outlines the order of events at the Sheffield Platform, 23 – 25 October 2006. Events and venues are subject to change, a confirmed timetable will be discussed on the opening night.

The Inconspicuous Yellow Office looks forward to welcoming our guests and participants on Monday evening and hope you have a safe journey to Sheffield.

Monday 23 October 2006

18.00 Yellow Talks in the IYO office, Arts Tower floor 17

  • University of Sheffield, Inconspicuous Yellow Office
  • Glas, Florian Kossak & Tatjana Schneider
  • Atelier D’Architecture Autogeree, Constantin Petcou & Doina Petrescu
  • Electro Works, Alan Deadman
  • George Lovett (TBC)

20.00 Opening night meal, East One Restaurant

21.00 Drinks, Brown Bear Pub

Tuesday 24 October 2006

Re-living the live projects

09.30 Introduction to the day in the IYO office, Arts Tower floor 17

10.30 Games, Walks and Workshop. Workshops will take place to investigate and debate various aspects of Live Projects, with the intention of making a magazine page which describes the outcomes of these debates. Magazine pages will be collated to create a full magazine which will be distributed at a later date. Lunch will be taken on site.

17.00 Groups return from sites to the IYO office, Arts Tower floor 17.

A live (project): Big & Small Conversation

17.45 Meet at Vestry Hall, Sharrow

18.00 Buffet

18.45 Presentation: IYO

19.00 Presentations: Kathrin Bohm, Public Works and Prue Chiles, BDR.

19.10 Presentations: Sam Vardy, GM Products; Carolyn Butterworth, University of Sheffield; Colin Havard, Sharrow Community Forum.

19.50 Break

20.00 Presentations: Constantin Petcou, AAA; Pierre Jambé, BRUSK.

20.10 Presentations: Rosie Parnell, University of Sheffield; Mark Kingsley; Teresa Hoskyns, University of Brighton.

20.40 Hat Led Discussion

21.30 Close

Wednesday 25 October 2006

09.30 Group work to complete magazine pages

10.30 New Lives to Projects (closing session: feedback on workshops and discussions on the future aspects of Live Projects)

12.30 Close


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