Weston Park Cancer Research Information Centre

18 October, 2006


The scheme is to suggest a user friendly environment for the current Cancer Research Centre in Weston Park. The New Extension had been recently built against the existing mansion house. The Clients had overcome problems of inefficient outdoor landscape and lacking car parking spaces. Many more minor problems allowed The Live Project which was a group of 9 Sheffield University Architecture Students to work within the 6 weeks.

Card Games

This is one of the devices they used to communicate with the clients. Abstract and realistic images were printed at A6 size and mounted on foam board for different proposes. These images encouraged new ideas or debates between clients and designers. Three staffs were involved in the games and resulted in list of problems to reschedule their brief.

Tuesday morning 17th OCT

I have joined in their Client’s meeting presenting series of options for the improvement of Cancer Research Centre. Here are few of the samples shown below:


If you are involved or interested in this Live Project, please leave comments for new information and updates.


One Response to “Weston Park Cancer Research Information Centre”

  1. paula sharratt Says:

    would be very interested to see the before and after and to see in more detail how the consultation process went.

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