South Yorkshire National Park Live Project (ii) (SYNP)

17 October, 2006



As part of IYO’s ‘adopt a live project’ scheme, I was kindly allowed to sit in on a current running live project here at the School of Architecture in Sheffield.


Following on from last years live-project of the same name, this year sees a new group of Sheffield M.Arch students take up the mantle of pushing SYNP into new fields of possibility.


The initial dilemma given by the client Alan Simpson was ‘What if South Yorkshire was a National Park?’ The immense scale and utopian nature of this live-project is one element that makes it stand out from many others. It raises the issue of size and scope for the live-project, and asks the questions; Are there any limits regarding size of task and time allocated to any given live-project? and Is there risk of students being exploited?


SYNP has been given credibility by last year’s ideas/research document and is now being considered by local and regional policy makers.


This year sees the team develop last year’s work by taking some of the principles and translating them into spatial strategies for specific areas of
South Yorkshire, as well as communicating the live project to a wider audience than before (communities/local businesses/government agencies).


One device the team this year are going to use is a ‘road trip’ that runs along a pre-determined line (transect) across South Yorkshire. This transect takes into account the current conditions and opportunities available for a potential SYNP spatial strategy. This will enable the live-project team to provide evidence of the effectiveness of the principles, and test via case-studies the benefit of deploying SYNP across the region of South Yorkshire.


Please leave your comments here, if you are involved in this project or would like to raise a question about this specific live-project to be answered by the SYNP live-project team themselves.



One Response to “South Yorkshire National Park Live Project (ii) (SYNP)”

  1. paula sharratt Says:

    I think it is important to use the (potential)scale of this project to consider how the thinking could be imported to other smaller and more urgent quality of life probems in Sheffield (and other cities). Roads what they look like, how they’re used and CARS too many, too too many. Cars, in my opinion are the greatest problem affecting our ability to live a good quality of life. Is there any way that while you’re considering the ‘road trip’ that you may think of ways that employers and workers might work together to retimetable the so-called (and totally unneccessary) ‘rush hour’ week that we all seem to have and to run away from to country parks.

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