Alternative architectural practice is…

2 October, 2006

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4 Responses to “Alternative architectural practice is…”

  1. paulbower Says:

    Alternative architectural practice is….
    the matter of alternative architectural thinking.
    I found a book entitled: ‘In the Scheme of Things: Alternative Thinking on the Practice of Architecture’ (2006). The author is Thomas R. Fisher who is dean of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota and co-editor of Architectural Research Quarterly. Here are two reviews of the book:

  2. paulbower Says:

    Alternative Architectural Practice is… contained within a globe of parameters…
    This is to record an idea that occurred in the ‘live project-live project’ group meeting (02/10/06).
    What was discussed was a possible device: ‘a globe of parameters’ that would provide a spatial matrix in which ‘indefinable’ alternative architectural practices could be located. The globe would be dissected via a series of ‘chords’ (sliding scales) of parameters based on characteristics of architectural practice, i.e. product-process, inclusive-exclusive (see yellow wall for further parameters)
    This device could serve as a way of archiving/analysing the existing live projects (alternative practices) but could also serve as a more interactive/useful interrogative device for searching the archive by prospective live project clients/communities/institutions/practices/students.
    The device could also act as a matrix that would allow for alternative alternatives to be found. This crucially allows the possible evolution of alternative practice to occur, and suggest a more fluid development for architectural practice/education. The Globe of Parameters could work with changing values, i.e. different situations, different institutions, different criteria, and different times…

  3. […] During our open minded discussion on 2 October, a number of parameters emerged that could be used to define ‘alternative’ architectural practice. On reflection this appeared to have become an area we overlooked during the early stages of the project. It was interesting to begin to ask questions about where the past and current live projects that we have collated could sit on sliding scales that could be used to connect the extremities of architectural practice. The possibility of mapping certain projects on these different scales raised the possibility of actually creating some kind of two or three dimensional representation. Paul refered to this in his comment on Architectural practice is… as a potential globe of parameters. […]

  4. James Says:

    These parameters have now been blogged under Sliding Scales. The creation of an actual or virtual tool for defining alternative architectural practices interests me. The possibility of endless combinations opens up the possibility of mapping and comparing different architectural practices.

    We could begin very easily with a mapping of the live projects, but this could in theory become a system for exploring the whole field of alternative architectural practice. My only concern is that this is a profession that is really too interesting to be pigeon holed… let’s aim for a device that defines without definition :-)


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