27 September, 2006

From: James Brown

To: Zoe Lee, Emma Williams, Julia Udall, Kevin Ryan, Matt Plummer, Paul Bower, Pete Buist, Tom Vigar, Doina Petrescu, Florian Kossack, Tatjana Schneider

Date: Wednesday, 28 September 2006

Subject: James has invited you to use WordPress

Hi, this is James and this is your invitation to join the Live Project Live Project blog.

This will become our online conversation about the process our live project goes thorugh. Every member of the live project can log on and publish an entry, which is presented in chronological order on the homepage. Photographs and videos can also be embedded.

As agreed in Wednesday’s meeting, anyone who visits the blog can comment on a published entry, although you must be registered to write an actual entry.

Follow the instructions on the link below to subscribe. Just get an account, and then you can start writing and uploading.

Shall we begin by asking at least two contributions a week from each person? Please begin by writing up and publishing your personal ‘minutes’ and opinons on today’s Wednesday’s) meeting.

See you Friday,


7 Responses to “Invitation”

  1. juliau Says:

    Today, I spoke to Colin Havard of Sharrow Community Forum about the current Live Project website. He/ Sharrow Community Forum have been the client for two projects, the John Street Triangle project, which ran last year (2005) and the Broadfield project, which ran the year before (2004). Colin first came across the site when Aidan Hoggard, (Sheffield Tutor) suggested he might look at it to be inspired. He said the main problem for him was that when he looked at the website he could not see the circumstances which led up to each project being commissioned. Coming at the site from the perspective of prospective client, Colin said it would be useful to be able to understand why a community felt it needed architectural input, what work they had been doing previous to the input from the Sheffield University students and who the client was/ how the client was structured etc.

    He felt that the website portrayed the live projects as being driven by academic need and the ‘problem’ or ‘brief’ coming as a result. His understanding of the process was that the need arose within a community and then the live project was commissioned; the project brief arising out of that need. (As it does is a ‘real-life’ situation!). He also felt that an initial summary of what each project was about would be useful so that he could look at the approach in a similar circumstance to him, whether that be in terms of scale, physical or social context, or type of client etc. (I suppose that is the ‘layers of information’ aspect again…).

    I feel that all these comments are really constructive for us because he was somebody that wasn’t just browsing or someone looking at the site for design, representation, or educational tools, (which we may have more of a direct insight into), but someone who was using the site in order to understand how the project might work for them as a client. His comments relate to the aspect of our live project/live project that looks at the relationship between all of those involved; in a good live project all of those participating gain. Perhaps other different clients would have very different perspectives on what they thought was important for them while they considered embarking on a live project.

    Information about what the community was doing prior to the commencement of the live project and how it identified a need would be valuable, because it would allow clients and participants to create new relationships with other live projects, on whatever scale is useful for them. This could occur before a client became involved in a live project, during the live project process or entirely independent of it. Communication may be world wide, countrywide, citywide and the products of the live projects (information/ knowledge/ tactics/etc) could be shared and built upon.

    Colin Havard came across the website through Aidan Hoggard who was running a Live Studio. This made me think that perhaps we have to consider how an updated live project site links to sites that Sharrow Community Forum may have looked at independently of Aidan and also how prospective clients are found or find us? Perhaps this information could be obtained from interviewing clients? Maybe educational clients have some kind of shared forum (such as a teacher-net or something!) already in use that we could tap into? (The same might apply with the health sector, community etc etc.) Also, how can people who might not have any contact with the university (or in other situations direct contact with the relevant institution) get involved? I am not yet sure how the clients are found at Sheffield Uni; I will try to find this out for Friday.

    Well, those are my thoughts so far. I’ll be back if I think of other stuff that may be relevant… Cheers for now.


  2. juliau Says:

    Hi Everyone…

    Sorry james… still haven’t worked how to post proper! if i edit yours and rename it does that work? or will i just delete yours?

    I thought it might be useful if we had a cupboard which we could all access that we could put books and other stuff we dont want to leave out…

    There is one just opposite our space… I think Zoe is going to paint it yellow on monday… A few of us were discussing the idea that a few bits of the studio could be painted yellow so that people working in the area will be reminded of our live project whilst they work…

    They could become points for live project interaction during the six weeks or during the platform…

    Here is the code for the lock of the cupboard (see my email!!!)

    Turn the dial *******************
    Turn the dial *****************
    Turn the dial *************

    If that doesn’t work then do this
    Turn the dial *************
    Turn the dial ******************
    Turn the *************

    I am sorry it is a bit like cracking a safe!

    See you all 4pm on monday


  3. juliau Says:

    oh! sussed it… you just add new post! okay, sorted. i’ll do that from now on…

  4. juliau Says:

    From Zoe via email:
    > After some serious discussion of the LIVE project this afternoon, we have
    > suggested a few tasks for the next 5 weeks.
    > 1. Define our own Space in Studio
    > 2. Improvement on the website
    > 3. Zine
    > 4. 1 on 1 physical
    > 5. Update our Bolg
    > 6. Organise a Platform Workshop
    > New name!!!

    (end of Zoe’s message)

    So, Just to add…

    none of these aspects are defined yet… for example, with the zine who are we aiming for? will it be other unis, potential clients? existing pratcies? sheffield practices? wider public in sheffield? etc etc what should the content be? How will it be distributed etc etc…

    for the website do we define what a live project is and who can contribute (perhaps our definition of alternative practice?) or can anyone log their project as a live project by their own definiton…

    so, if everyone could have a think about each of the items in terms of what our overall project aims are… if ideas are put on the blog then we can begin to look at what our brief really is (both in terms of how we classify the projects and who we are aiming for) and how our views of it may differ etc…

    cheers, julia

  5. Paul Bower Says:

    Dear All,

    Came across this site:

    It seems to reflect the idea of highlighting by colour the things that we are dealing with. I can’t remember who said it, but I’m sure someone suggested that these ‘devices’ whatever they are to help with disseminating the ‘live project, live project’ are consistent in colour, to make them stand out against the backdrop of all the live projects.


  6. juliau Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Is ‘subversive’ altenative?

    From Julia

  7. paula sharratt Says:

    julia that’s v amusing….

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